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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dear NASI Welfare Fund Participant:

We are pleased to announce a new benefit called the NASI Personal Health Management Program. This Program, brought to you in partnership with Carewise Health, is for individuals with chronic conditions (like asthma, diabetes, COPD and high blood pressure) who may benefit from additional counseling and support to help them achieve optimum health.

Starting July 1, certain participants who have been identified by Carewise Health through medical and prescription drug  claims data, will begin to receive phone calls from Carewise Health to discuss the Program and explain how it works. If you are contacted , we strongly encourage you to take the call and enroll in the Program. It’s free, it’s confidential, and it’s designed to help you.

Why Do We Need a Program Like This?

The Board of Trustees decided to implement a Personal Health Management Program after a review of our claims data showed that roughly 20% of the NASI Welfare Fund participants were responsible for 80% of total Plan costs each year. Many in that group of 20% have one or more chronic conditions and can benefit from the Program’s counseling and support. Carewise Health and other similar Personal Health

Management providers have had great success in helping participants manage chronic conditions.

Hospitalizations, ER visits and costly medical procedures can, in many instances, be averted when chronic conditions are managed effectively.

We believe so strongly that this type of program can help our members that we are offering a reward (benefit improvements in the following calendar year) for those who actively engage in the program. Similarly, those who are selected to participate but decline the invitation will be subject to higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs in the next calendar year.1

For More Information

All NASI Welfare Fund participants should expect to receive a welcome letter from Carewise Health within the next couple of weeks. We have prepared some questions and answers (enclosed) for your reference. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Fund Office at 800-638-2603.