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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Welfare Fund
National Automatic Sprinkler Metal Trades Welfare Fund
Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Claim Form Questions and Answers

Recently, you may have received a “Blue Shield Settlement Notice” and are unsure what it is for or what you need to do. Below are some common questions and answers that you may find helpful.

1. What is the Blue Cross Blue Shield settlement I’m hearing about?
Blue Cross Blue Shield (“BCBS”) and certain of its affiliates have proposed settling a class action lawsuit alleging that BCBS and its affiliates violated various antitrust laws. Under the settlement, BCBS will pay $2.67 billion in damages and agree to modify certain of its business practices.

2. Why am I receiving a Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement Notice?
As a participant in either the National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Welfare Fund (“NASI Welfare Fund”) or the National Automatic Sprinkler Metal Trades Welfare Fund (“Metal Trades Fund”) you may be one of the people entitled to compensation from BCBS under this settlement. You are receiving the notice that discusses your potential rights under the settlement.

3. Does this settlement impact either the Welfare Fund or the Metal Trades Fund?
Yes. Both the Welfare Fund and the Metal Trades Fund use BCBS and its affiliates in the administration of your health plan. Both Funds believe they are eligible to submit a settlement claim form.

4. Can I submit a Claim?
Yes, you can, but submitting a claim does not guarantee you will receive any part of the settlement. To do so, you must submit a “Settlement Claim Form”, which can be found here. CLAIM FORM

5. What information do I need to submit a Claim?
The claim form asks for some personal information and for some information about the Funds. Most of the questions regarding the Funds may be found in “Section C” of the claim form. Here is some useful information that might help you complete the claim form.

• Item 5. “Name of Employer or Group Entity Through Which You Were Provided Blue Cross Or Blue Shield Insurance.” This is either the “National Automatic Sprinkler Industry Welfare Fund” or the “National Automatic Sprinkler Metal Trades Welfare Fund” depending on the Fund in which you’re a participant.
• Item 6. “Mailing Address of Employer or Group Entity.” For both Funds, this is the Fund Office, 8000 Corporate Drive, Landover, Maryland 20785.
• Item 7. “Name of Blue Cross or Blue Shield Branded Health Plan.” For both Funds, this is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.
• Item 8. “Blue Cross or Blue Shield Group #.” The Group Number for the Welfare Fund is “P14558” and the Group Number for the Metal Trades Fund is “P14560.”
• Item 9. “Subscriber ID.” For the Welfare Fund, the subscriber ID is “SFI.” For the Metal Trades Fund, the subscriber ID is “NMT.”

6. Where can I get more information?
The best resource for getting additional information is either going to the settlement’s website at or calling (888) 681-1142. Neither the Welfare Fund nor the Metal Trades Fund are involved with the administration of this settlement, the website, or phone number.